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Glennard Robert Douglas
26 July 1922 -- 19 March 1982

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We called him Romeo, because in his later years he was always chatting up the young ladies, in a playful manner.

Glen was a complex person, whose whole life was a struggle to overcome his lowly roots. As the second youngest of nine children, life was not easy, especially in those days when only the father worked.

Having left school at an early age, he came to regret that as the lack of a completed high school career started to hold him back in his work. And so, in his fifties, he started studying to complete high school.

He was always a hard worker, taking on freelance work over the weekends to help make ends meets and to make a better life for his family.

Although there were at least two times in his life when he had serious personal problems and suffered great unhappiness, he eventually overcame them. The influence and support of his wife in these matters can not be overlooked.

In his younger days he was a keen sportsman, with a love for cricket and walking on the mountain. In later years he switched to bowls, while he still could.

He accepted his end philosophically. He knew he was dying, as the cancer from smoking had spread from his lungs into the rest of his body. His main concern at the end was the welfare of his wife and family.

He did not wish to die in hospital, and begged the doctor to allow him to come home. He was hardly on his bed for two minutes before passing away peacefully.

We do not have an annual family meeting to commemorate his passing, but we are all aware on the anniversary exactly what happened that Friday night in 1982. And we feel sad.

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It's a Friday this year, just like it was in 1982... Violet's upset with me because
I have been working so hard on this new project, and kinda neglecting her. I think you would have liked her. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in the present to build a better future... Mom and the others are fine...
- Ian, 2004-March-19 hr

It was 12:13am on November 25, 2003...I just finished reading a story about a man...and although I initally thought that his experiences were as simple as the next....something more touched me....that is....the simple artifical experience of walking in his shoes and actually doing those things....personalising this story....his life....his experience....If you only could....experience would move you....
- Stranger, 2003-November-25 hr

Life-changing events seem to happen on the anniversary (or 6 months after) of your passing, and I was hoping some thing good would happen today. It didn't. Such is life, I suppose...
- Ian, 2001-March-19 hr

I often think of you, and try to understand you. I know your life was not easy and you had many unachieved ambitions, but at least you gave them your best shot. That's what I remember about you.
- Ian Douglas, 2000-April-22 hr

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